Certificate confirming the Lithuanian descent and its issuance procedure

Since 1 January 1 2013, Migration Department of Lithuania issues certificates confirming the Lithuanian descent which replace the previously issued certificates confirming retention of the right to the citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania. A person of the Lithuanian descent has the right to submit an application for a certificate confirming his/her descent, which enables him/her to obtain citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania in the future.

This certificate is issued to a person whose parents or grandparents or one of the parents or grandparents is or was Lithuanian. The person, along with the application, must submit documents evidencing such facts, documents certifying a kinship relationship. In addition, the person must declare that he/she considers himself/herself a Lithuanian by a written statement. Copies of the documents must be approved by a notary. The documents issued by foreign bodies must be legalized or confirmed by a note (Apostille), unless international treaties of the Republic of Lithuania and legislative acts of the European Union provide otherwise, and translated into Lithuanian language.

A person must submit the application to the Migration Department of the Republic of Lithuania either through the diplomatic representative of the Republic of Lithuania or the Consular office in a foreign country, if the person lives abroad. If a person lives in the Republic of Lithuania, the application and other accompanying documents shall be submitted through the territorial police office by the person’s place of residence. The application is not accepted through a representative. However, parents, as representatives, may submit the application on behalf of their minor child.

The person submits the application to issue the certificate confirming the Lithuanian descent in person. This certificate has no expiry date – it shall be issued for an unlimited period of time. The application to issue the certificate confirming the Lithuanian descent is considered within a maximum period of 6 months from the date of submission of the application in the Migration Department, and in case of replacing the certificate – not later than within 1 month.

In the 2nd half of 2014, a total of 191 certificates confirming the Lithuanian descent were issued, that is, by 2.5 times more in the comparison with the second half of 2013. This certificate facilitates the acquisition of citizenship under the simplified procedure, as it is not anymore required to prove the kinship relationship with the person who held Lithuanian citizenship. In order to obtain the citizenship under the simplified procedure on the basis of this certificate, a general procedure for renouncing a foreign state citizenship is applied. Individuals must renounce their foreign state citizenship, with the exception of cases prescribed by the Law on Citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania whereunder the right to hold dual citizenship is granted. A person who has reinstated the Lithuanian citizenship must swear an oath of allegiance to the Republic of Lithuania.





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