22/12/2015 Persons with outstanding merits to Lithuania (athletes, performers, actors, etc.) will be allowed to have dual citizenship

In accordance with the existing provisions of legislation, among the conditions under which a person may simultaneously be a citizen of Lithuania and another state, there was no condition allowing a person with outstanding merits to the State of Lithuania to hold dual citizenship.

From now on, upon the approval of amendments to the to the Law on Citizenship of Lithuania by the Seimas of Lithuania, a citizen of Lithuania with outstanding merits to the state may acquire the citizenship of another state and keep his Lithuanian citizenship. The provisions on the deprivation of citizenship of Lithuania due to the acquisition of citizenship of a foreign state will not apply to such a person and will enable him to be a citizen of more than one state, to have dual citizenship. Thus, the list of conditions under which dual citizenship in Lithuania is granted, was supplemented by additional condition.

The new amendments to the law are especially important for athletes with merits to Lithuania, who acquire the right to a foreign citizenship as a result of living abroad or on other grounds. Under the existing legislation, an athlete, who acquires a foreign citizenship, would lose the Lithuanian citizenship if no exceptions granting the right to hold dual citizenship were established. In accordance with the new provisions of legal acts, an athlete holding Lithuanian citizenship will be able to acquire a dual citizenship for his merits to Lithuania. The above amendments to the law are also important for other persons with merits to Lithuania, singers, actors, medics, or any other persons having outstanding merits to Lithuania. The outstanding merits to Lithuania are any activities of an individual which significantly contribute to the consolidation of the statehood of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as to the strengthening of its power and authority in the international community.