Documents and information search in Lithuanian archives. Preparation of requests to archives of Lithuania

Both the process of acquisition of the citizenship of Lithuania and the process of obtaining a Residence Permit often starts from search and collection of the required data and documents. Usually, this process is bound with preparation of requests to archives of Lithuania. This initial phase is very important both for acquisition of the citizenship of Lithuania (its reinstatement, granting according to the simplified procedure etc.) and an issue a Residence Permit to a person (when the base of issue a Residence Permit is Lithuanian descent or a right of a person for reinstatement of the citizenship of Lithuania) and the further run of the process and its success depend on it.

Dependently on circumstances, requests to archives of Lithuania may differ. Usually, the following requests are provided to archives of Lithuania:
1. Related to birth of a person in Lithuania;
2. Related to residence of a person in Lithuania;
3. Related to a marriage;
4. Related to the citizenship of Lithuania;
5. Related to deportation or imprisonment;
6. Related to a death by firing squad;
7. Other specialized requests dependently on the circumstances of the case.

On formation of request, the initial data should be properly specified and described to ensure a success of the data search.
Our lawyers provide assistance on preparation and submission of requests for search of necessary documents and data to archives of Lithuania.


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