Migration Services

Lithuanian citizenship. The consultation on the reinstatement of citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania (dual citizenship or recovery of citizenship, when a person has to renounce his citizenship of another state). The preparation of  documents, requests in Lithuanian language, the preparation of requests to Lithuanian Archives and the other competent authorities. Preparation of claims or procedural documents to court for identification of family ties or other legally significant facts (change of name, surname, etc.). The representation in the competent authorities or in relation with other natural and legal persons. Obtaining and loss of citizenship. Legal aid and consultation on children citizenship. Other Lithuanian citizenship questions. 

Consultations on the issues of foreigners’ work and residence in Lithuania, issue of permits to live in the Lithuania as well as foreigners’ employment in the Lithuania.

Preparation of documents that are necessary to obtain a permit of residence in the Lithuania as well as organization and performance of necessary procedures.

Preparation of documents necessary to obtain a permit to work as well as organization and performance of necessary procedures.

Consultations on investment in Lithuania.

Consultations on taxes.

Establishment and registration of companies, subsidiaries and branches in Lithuania.

Business organization.

Business, company purchase.

Transactions of real estate. Real estate search.

Sale of business, supply of business objects.

Cadre selection and personnel management.

Initial legal supervision of a business after its acquisition and establishment. Legal business consultations.

Registration of the amendments of business establishment documents.

Setting up the amendments of business registration documents.

Representation in obtaining the licenses, permits for economic activity.

Legalassistance in obtaininga bank loan of Lithuania.

Opening a bank account in the Bank of Lithuania.

Consultations on the issues of Lithuanian national and Schengen visas.

Representation in the relations with other companies, institutions and organizations.

Representation of clients in state institutions.